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 Buying Acrylics
Author: Guy 
Date:   05-22-02 22:12

Hi all!

I'd like to buy some acrylics, both for practice and for performance purposes.

The major decision I'm faced with is between engineering labs and all the other juggling suppliers - which are pretty similar in terms of price and product range.

Engineering labs is much cheaper (and the $100 price tag is okay with me), but I'm worried about their balls' visibility in UV.
All the other suppliers specialise in juggling, and I trust their products to look great when I perform with them.
Would EL's balls look as good under black light? (I'm slightly worried by Ian's pictures in the gallery)
Is there anything else I should consider?
What kind of acrylics would you buy?

Thanks a lot, and sorry for the long post,

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