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 Re: Acrylic balls
Author: Shifty 
Date:   05-22-02 17:20

Well darn, its a shame people beat me to this one, but hey Sleep as to come sometime.

Actually Li, Klas has the same idea and thoughts as myself when I teach, however when I teach, I use an egg. Why don't you try it. When you throw the egg up, bring your hand up to meet it as it falls down, and then as soon as it makes contact lower your hand quickly to bring it to a smooth stop. If if breaks you know your not lowering your hand quick enough, and it is smacking on the cradle too hard. This will help a huge amount on saving your knuckles, and to get a feel for exactly where you want to be. My personal beleif is that if it hurts when your catching the ball, your not cushining it enough.

Hope your hand gets better, and like stated. Take some time off and practice something else.. Remember, Pain = Bad.... Unless your just a freak and you like that sort of thing, then more power to ya...


Why, yes, these are balls in my pocket. And I'm also happy to see you.

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