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 Re: Acrylic balls
Author: marco 
Date:   05-22-02 12:22

Hi Li, nice to see another person added to our flock, I wish you happyness in your endeavours to learn this beutifull artform.

No, you are not doing anything wrong (well you are but you cant help it now) with your cradle catch. I've not heared of anybody who did not have the same initial knuckle problem. Its a matter of practice, and not something that can be explaned or though, You will, after some time, find out how to smouthly catch and roll the ball on knuckley areas of your body. We all went through the same process, eventually (and most likely you wont even realise that it has happened) work your way around the sore knuckles. By that time you've mastered the butterfly.

Just keep at it!

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