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 Re: Performance disaster!!!!
Author: LinkoHyrule 
Date:   05-21-02 01:42

Here's a good one from this weekend. My friend calls me a few days before the show and asks me if I want to do some fire juggling and CJ for a little party/performance. I said alright, and went down for a 'rehersal' a few hours before the show, but everybody was so busy setting up that the rehersal consisted of one guy reading off a list of what was going to happen. It started out with my juggling torches to draw the party crowd out to the performance space. That went alright for a little while, but the lighting was poor so I dropped quite a bit.
Then they had a bunch of funky stuff, poetry reading on top of the roof, shadow puppetry, and a string quartet. I CJed after the string quartet, but my CD kept skipping so I told them to just shut it off and have the drummers start. But the drummers started and for some reason they couldn't shut off the cd. So they just cut the main power, and I juggled with just torchlight (which was *kinda* cool, I guess, but I'd rather have lights, especially for the toss section.)
Then they did some more funky stuff, at the end of which the party was supposed to kick back up and they wanted me to do some poi. I brought out the poi, but the audience rushed the performance area, so I had no room to swing. I went over to where the audience used to be and did my thing though. Fun eh? :-P


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