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Author: Brad 
Date:   05-20-02 22:13

So I've downloaded all the videos from the video section. I also have a couple from Silver's site. Where else can I find video clips? I particularly like the ones that show a full routine of a couple minutes or more. Anyone can help me out? A lot of you guys I've never seen any video of.

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 Re: videos?
Author: mdamelio 
Date:   05-21-02 00:55 The site operator is a bit off if you know what I mean, but he's got some quality stuff on there. I think lance has some stashed away somewhere that he may be willing to throw out there, like his lodi performance, as well as greg from cj part 1, a bit of a workshop he did. As well as some stuff on Rich has some good vids on there as well.


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 Thanks Mickey
Author: Rich Shumaker 
Date:   05-21-02 03:06

First Thanks for the mention Mickey.

I put up a basic routine recently to go along with theonlygoldenchicken's (Joe) CJ notation system.

I am not trying to light a fire but school should be out soon and I am asking Chicken here if I have permission to post the link and notation.

The link would be to the video,
The notation would be the notation for that video.

So Chicken if you read this are you done yet?

I have the notation worked out.
I think you checked it.


There is another site that has basic moves but I don't remember it. I would check the links area of as I have a list of CJ on the Web stuff.

Hope that helps.

Rich Shumaker
The Other Contact Juggler

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 Re: videos?
Author: Teo 
Date:   05-21-02 16:32

Apparently Lance's lodi performance is pretty tight because everyone refers to it now or later. Lance, would you be willing to post that video? I would love to take a look at it! Thanks

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 Re: videos?
Author: Brad 
Date:   05-21-02 23:10

The Lodi performance is available from the videos section of this site.

I think I've already got all the videos that have been mentioned so far...I thought maybe there was some more stuff out there in hiding. :)

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 Re: videos?
Author: remy 
Date:   05-21-02 23:17

lance has some too! look


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 Re: videos?
Author: Klas 
Date:   05-22-02 08:09

Since it hasn't been metioned yet...

Don't forget, there's two clips available, nothing extreme, but nice and smooth, and the oldest stuff you'll find on the web.


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 Re: videos?
Author: Daniel Kerr 
Date:   05-22-02 18:37

There's a small clip of me contact juggling in the back of a taxi on Look on page 4.

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 Re: videos?
Author: Lance Coombes 
Date:   05-22-02 20:15

Heehee. You guys all beat me to it! In case you didn't see it in the other messages, Teo, you can get all the vids I have from <A HREF="">my dorky little contact page</A>.

Imagine that there is some clever signature here.

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 Re: videos?
Author: wells 
Date:   05-23-02 01:59

my video page has video from 4 years ago
its the oakland performance art one

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