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 Questions about Sphere Play
Author: K'Tesh 
Date:   05-20-02 08:18

I'm interested in picking up a copy of Sphere Play, but I want to know a few things first.

How Much is it? Can it be found in Stores, Online? Does it's retailer accept PayPal?.

For those of you who have it, is it worth it?
(READ: for a 1 year CJ'er, is it going to be worth it?)

What format is it? NTSC PAL SECAM OTHER, or
ALL of the ABOVE (btw, US Television systems use NTSC.)(FYI the format refers to how the rastor lines are refreshed).

Keep on Rolling

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 Questions about Sphere Play  new
K'Tesh 05-20-02 08:18 
 Re: Questions about Sphere Play  new
michael glenn 05-20-02 17:19 
 Re: Questions about Sphere Play  new
Brad 05-20-02 22:15 
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