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 Since this is mentioned in two posts... The info on IJA
Author: mdamelio 
Date:   05-19-02 00:30

I've copied and pasted this from their site, have fun everyone I unfortunately can't attend. Learn something for me :-)


When: 15th - 19th July, 2002
Where: United States, Reading, Pennsylvania at the Sovereign Center

Daily, Tuesday-Saturday:
8am-6pm Festival registration, main lobby
10am-6pm Workshops

Free juggling day, no registration needed
4pm-5pm Registration for Juniors and Teams Championships only
7pm Joggling races (at high school track)
9am-9:45am Registration for Juniors and Teams Championships only
10am-4pm Juniors and Teams preliminaries
3pm Meet juggler extraordinaire Evgeni Biljauer
4pm Affiliates meeting
4pm-5pm Registration for Individuals Championships only
8pm Evgeni Biljauer receives the Historical Achievement Award
8:30pm The Waldo & Woodhead Show
9am-3pm Election of members of the board of directors
10am-1pm Individuals preliminaries
1pm-3:30pm Juniors rehearsal
2pm-4pm IJA business meeting/forum
3:30pm-6pm Youth Showcase rehearsal
4pm Ziethen videos
7pm Youth Showcase
9pm Juniors Championships
11am Auction
1pm-6pm Individuals & Teams rehearsal
4pm Ziethen videos
7pm Teams and Individuals Championships
11am Auction
1pm Numbers competition
4pm Ziethen videos
8pm Jest In Time: "The Best of Jest"
10am-noon & 1pm-4pm The Games
4pm Big Toss-Up & group photo
8pm CASCADE OF STARS, directed by Michael Davis!
Tony and Karen Hurll Montanaro will teach Personal Style Theatre, a four-day course (for a separate fee) specifically designed to broaden each student's movement vocabulary in order to add excitement, spontaneity, and originality to their performance and creative processes.

Daily, Tuesday-Friday:
10am-noon Tony and Karen Hurll Montanaro workshop, mornings $200.
2pm-4pm Tony and Karen Hurll Montanaro workshop, afternoons $200.
Evgeni Biljauer, juggling star of the Moscow State Circus for many years and now head of the artistic division of Rosgocirk in Moscow, will conduct a four-day workshop session (for a separate fee). These two-hour classes will feature group and individual instruction in technical juggling.

Daily, Tuesday-Friday:
10am-noon Evgeni Biljauer workshop, mornings $200.

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 Here's the price tag
Author: mdamelio 
Date:   05-19-02 00:31

Item Adult
14 and older Youth
Ages 11-13 Child
Ages 4-10

Events package, including:
gym passes, all shows, t-shirt, button $275 $175 N/A
A La Carte

Gym pass: 1 day $45 $27 free
Gym pass: 2 days $85 $47 free
Gym pass: 3 days $120 $66 free
Gym pass: 4 days $155 $83 free
Gym pass: 5 days $189 $99 free
NOTE: All shows are appropriate for all ages.
Waldo & Woodhead Show
Tuesday $20 $10
Youth Showcase and Juniors Championships
Wednesday $15 $15
Teams and Individuals Championships
Thursday $20 $10
Jest in Time: "The Best of Jest"
Friday $20 $10
Cascade of Stars Revue
Saturday $25 $12.50

100% Cotton Festival T-shirt $15
Festival Button $1

(required if not current member)
USA $30 $23 (under 18)
Canada $34 $27 (under 18)
All other countries $39 $32 (under 18)

Special Workshops (not included in events package)
4-day Workshop with Tony and Karen Hurll Montanaro
mornings 10am-noon $200
4-day Workshop with Tony and Karen Hurll Montanaro
afternoons 2pm-4pm $200
4-day Workshop with Evgeni Biljauer
mornings 10am-noon $200

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 Re: Here's the price tag
Author: michael glenn 
Date:   05-19-02 15:32

Ouch, Ouch I'm going broke already!


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