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 Re: two person Cjing
Author: michael glenn 
Date:   05-16-02 17:31

It's totally fun when you have several people playing together. At Juggle This in Brooklyn NY we had a circle of 5 of us, Greg (Contact juggling part 1 video), Jennifer, Muppet John and myself (Sphereplay video) and Tony Duncan (overall one of the best I've ever seen) all played together in a circle, it reminded me of all the hours I spent playing hackeysack.
We did some basic hand passing but it got extremely cool when we stood in a circle and did a body roll to a pass and went in the circle like that. It reminded me of a Celtic knot. At one point Tony recieved the sphere, rolled it down his left arm, did a head roll and passed it off his right arm!!! Way cool, we even got some video of it and I will hopefully be able to show it to you all at CJC.
In our video Sphereplay we have some scenes with 2 people passing and at one point we show 2 of us passing 2 spheres, it looks pretty boggeling but isn't that hard.

Be Well,


balls of lightning rolled along...

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