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 CJC2001 Competition VCD
Author: Klas 
Date:   05-16-02 09:23

I recently recived the competition VCD from last years CJC.

The VCD can be bought <a href="">here</a>. You will need a paypal account which can be set up by clicking the paypal logo on the page above.

If you don't know about PayPal, it's a method for paying stuff on the net using your creditcard. It's international, but if you don't live in northen america you're likely to have some problems with it. Nothing that can't be overcome though. It also takes some time (about a week for me) to get the account registered, so you will not be able to buy anything as soon as you sign up.

It took about a week for the VCD to arrive to Sweden after Rich had sent it. It's a ordinary homeburned CD, no printed label, and no fancy packaing, and I think that's fine.

Worked fine in my DVD player. I don't know if VCD uses PAL/NTSC, or if the data is stored in some other format and converted. My TV supports both PAL/NTSC so it doesn't matter for me, but other Europeans may want to investigate this before ordering.

Quality is not great, the VCD format will never give good quality, but this is also filmed in suboptimal lighting conditions. Anyway, it's good enough to see what happends and it's better than the online version.

I think it's well worth the $6.50 (including postage) I paid for it, and I do recomend others to by it aswell.

There's one small change that I would have liked. The CJC animation is nice and I really like having it in the begining, but I would rather not see it between every performance.


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