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 first tip!
Author: Brad 
Date:   05-16-02 09:17

Well I'm here visiting Denmark...yesterday a friend and I are waiting by the Fountain for my brother to show up, so I get out my ball and start practicing, just messing around. This group of kids comes up and starts dropping coins next to me, it was pretty hilarious. Quite a kick! I made 3 kroner and 25 ore, which is almost 50 cents!

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 Re: first tip!
Author: Arron 
Date:   05-16-02 18:52

Hey Brad, you are now officially a professional juggler, ie you have been paid for services rendered. How does it feel? Just kidding man, but thanks for sharing, it has happened to me on occasion too. There is this great thread on, which surveys the strangest things that street performers have ever recieved in their hats while they are putting on a show. If you haven't seen it, go check it out.

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 Re: first tip!
Author: K'Tesh 
Date:   05-20-02 08:21

Congrats Brad... When you get back, gimme a call. Perhaps we can get together with Wells and see about forming a CJ club (there are others who are interested in this besides myself and Wells).

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