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 Re: HELP ME!!!
Author: mdamelio 
Date:   05-14-02 23:57

I second what Shifty said, but in a softer more encouraging tone of voice. First off welcome to the community. Secondly like Shifty said, the essays are quite good, as well as the tips. There's a newbie guide in there as well. Another thing that may help you is combing through the Forum arcives, alot of the questions you may be thinking of asking have probably been asked numerous times already, and answered too :-). And on top of that sit in the chat room, if you have the time. Alot of people will be willing to help you with specific problems, but asking something as vague, as I'm new to cj help me, will just have people getting frustrated. How new are you? Can you do nothing but hold a ball in the palm of your hand, or do you already have a little skill? There is also two great videos and a book, that you can check out if you want to spend the money. As far as which to buy kind of depends on what you are better at. If you are more of a visual learner then I'd go with the videos, if you can learn from a book go with the text. I myself would use the text with the videos to supplement, but that's just me. So anyhow good luck and we all look forward to your more direct and to the point questions :-)


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