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 Re: areotech
Author: Rob 
Date:   05-14-02 10:44

Ian, I didn't actually cover the socket myself, the Mathmos balls now come with a rubber cover over the socket with an x-shaped slit that allows you to push the charger plug through. Your right, this material is not very transparent, but the charging socket itself inhibits the light from the leds from diffusing as evenly around that area of the ball, creating a darker spot when the ball is switched on in the dark. I agree that this is still a vast improvement over having a gaping hole there without the cover. The silicone plugs that you use do sound better from a visual point of view than the thin rubber cover now included on the balls.

I know that the glow of the aerotech balls is more even than the Mathmos balls, (at least with the ones I have anyway) but I still think that you could get much closer to an illuminated ball with no reference points on it if there was no need to have a socket at all. With no obstructions, the glow could appear more uniformly spread over the surface of the ball. Thatís why I would be very interested to see a ball which could be charged in an e-m field.


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