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Author: ian pugh 
Date:   05-13-02 08:50

i got my areotech "globall pro" in the mail on saturday just in time to take it out to work with me. i didnt have a free moment to look at it until late that night, and let me tell you, this ball is the coolest thing. its not perfect, but its a damn incredible thing. i had a custom color choice made so it was a bit more expensive (i got a green and blue ball).

this ball really draws a crowd, it can be seen from blocks away, and it is very bright(each color has three different brightness settings that can be operated independently). i must say i am incredibly please with this ball, and i plan to order four more...gonna have to work on smoothing out the three ball plalmspin without touching.....

there are a few things i'd like to see improved on withthe ball, the first being size...its only ~2.5, i'd love to have a bigger ball, but when its lit up, visibility is not an issue....second, i wish they had a cover to hide the plug end where you recharge the ball...i plan to make my own. the balls are rubber, so they will be difficult for plamspinning, but at 2.5 inches, this is less troublesome. third, the ball has a seam. its not very visible, but i wish it wasnt there.

all in all, this ball rocks!


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