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 CJ(/toss) & Poi combined
Author: Veikko Sariola 
Date:   05-13-02 07:26


Yesterday I made an interesting discovery. I was in a park playing with my toys, Cjing, tossing and doing some poi. Then suddenly it hit me that poi movement is very similar to the butterfly, so I just tried if it's possible to do the butterfly with a poi attached to your hand. Well, it is :) I won't try to explain how the hand has to move so that the string doesn't disturb the ball, but it is possible, just go ahead and try it.

Then I tried it with both hands, which I couldn't do but still it is possible. Then I tried doing backwards out-of-sync basic poi swinging and doing a three ball tossing cascade at the same time. It _can_ be done but the strings easily hit the balls, and because the pois control how your hands move, you can't make a save there. So you just have practice it so that the strings don't hit the balls (and the cascade should be pretty perfect shape). I'm sure there is a lot of interesting combinations of these two (oh I tried also one pretty trivial: toss juggling two in one hand and doing infinity with one poi in other hand). Does anyone else have good ideas?

- Veikko / Pestis

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 CJ(/toss) & Poi combined  new
Veikko Sariola 05-13-02 07:26 
 Re: CJ(/toss) & Poi combined  new
remy 05-13-02 10:47 
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