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 Hurarw for new toys!
Author: MattMaan 
Date:   05-11-02 05:24

My 3" acylic and 4" stage ball arrived about a week ago, long enough for me to get adjusted to the new look and feel. Wow! What an awsome experience! I have to thank all you guys for the help you gave me about a month ago in deciding just what to order.

Now I gotta ask - is there anywhere on the internet to find some good examples of the cage rolls? I'm having trouble fleshing out the trick.

Thanks all!


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 Hurarw for new toys!  new
MattMaan 05-11-02 05:24 
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mdamelio 05-11-02 05:59 
 Re: Hurarw for new toys!  new
MattMaan 05-12-02 23:31 
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