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 Boston Common CJ'ing.
Author: thegoldenchicken 
Date:   05-08-02 17:29

Hello all,

Wow, it's been a really eventful few days. I got home yetserday from my 4 day trip in Boston -- which rocked, and would have rocked even more if I didn't have the last remains of a headcold bothering me. Anyway, I did end up meeting up with a few CJ'ers in Boston, and that was a lot of fun.
I saw Peregrine, and she showed me a bit of Poi swinging. I smashed myself with the mean end of a poi-swinging-thing a few times, but it was all good. I tried to impart a few tips about CJ'ing, but I suck at teaching. It's coming along nicley Peregrine, so no worries, just keep at it, and don't be shy to ask the kind folks around here for any advice, they can explain it a lot better than I.
I got to show off in Boston common, which was just a lot of fun, I really should have put down a hat, but I unfortunatly never wear one. Peregrine and myself put on a pretty nifty-o show of Poi swinging and CJ'ing together, and that was loads of fun.(though, someone should have brought a camera!) She's a really good Poi swinger (Poi-er?) and I'm going to try to learn a bit of that myself, thanks for showin' me the ropes! I hope my hints were of some help. Have a great day all, I gotta run!


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 Boston Common CJ'ing.  new
thegoldenchicken 05-08-02 17:29 
 Re: Boston Common CJ'ing.  new
Peregrine 05-15-02 13:01 
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