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 My 3 minutes of fame
Author: erim 
Date:   05-07-02 19:48

Hello all!
If everything goes allright,I'll make a stage show on the Turkish National T.V.!It'll be on saturday 18th, on a lottery program(they choose the six "lucky numbers" ,and there are many acts ,celebrities etc.during the show)
Today they called and told me that I will have 3 minutes.Actually that's enough for me ,but the song I've chosen is 4 mins. long(New Years Prayer by Jeff Buckley).Maybe they'll let me do 4.
I plan to begin with one ball and goin' up to 6, and then finish with one again.I think to put some toss stuff too.
For my costume ,I bought some fabric today and a friend of me will sew it.(I don't know the name of the cloth,it looks like a skirt ,but it is closer to pants.Has no buttons,you wrap it around the waist.When you make extreme leg moves,then your legs come out of the cloth.It looks like from far east.If anyone knows the name please write:) )
So ,cross the fingers for me ,I'm open to any kind of advice and such.
Have Fun

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