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 Spine / Back Rolls
Author: Ryan 
Date:   04-14-02 05:43

Hey everybody.

In a practice session today, I was experimenting with lying face down and placing a ball on my back, at the base of the spine where the back dips in. I found that by raising my knees slightly, and lifting my bum off the floor, I could start the ball carefully rolling up my spine. With a bit of practice, I found that there were several places along the spine that I could stop the ball, many of these places being controlled by the shoulderblades. By giving slight lifts, the ball could travel in a slow, controlled roll between these various points, from the base of the spine at the dip in the back up to the neck hold (a point of control whose usefulness I have seriously underestimated.) With more practice, I was later able to control the same points from a crouching position.

Is anyone else working on anything involving these control points? I previously thought that the neck hold to roll down the back and catch between the legs, common in so many jugglers routines, was a single roll with nothing inbetween. I know Viktor Kee is doing a lot in this area of contol, using the back to hold and roll chains of three or more balls. Has anyone else been exploring this. I'd like to try and avoid the classic roll and catch between the legs. Now it seems like rolling down the spine and back up is a definite possibility.

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