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 My workshop and the fest
Author: David Kaplan 
Date:   04-09-02 04:39

Hey all, I have just found the time (It was between the couch cushions) to write about the "Juggle This!" festival.
The beginning: I arrived about 11:20. I would have been there earlier, but i got lost. Luckily I got some really good directions from a crack whore, and a drug dealer (no joke). Anyway, I get there, and see Michael Glenn's table set up, and I gravitate toward it to see what neat new toys they had. After checking out the stuff, I was ready to CJ. Michael, this guy John that he works with, and I started doing some fun passing stuff. I kinda sucked because its the first time I have ever done something like that. After a bit of that, Michael pointed me toward Greg Maldonado. I went over, and he was a really nice guy. Shortly after, Michael came over too, and there were three guys just standing agound playing with their balls (sorry, couldnt resist).
Later, as more and more people came to the fest there was A REAL LOT of interest in our art. Michael was giving 5 min. lessons for about 3 hrs straight. there must have been about 20-30 people at any given time gathered around learning to CJ.
As 4:00 (when my actual workshop was) drew nearer, A young man approached me and asked if I could give his mom a quick lesson. I explained that I was giving a workshop in 10 mins, but he said that she may need more time. I agreed, and met the woman, she was practically blind. After a bit of instruction, she was doing some pretty decent squeese ups, and transfers. I told her that sometimes, I like to CJ with my eyes closed, and just feel the ball. She was intrigued, given her poor eyes. That was perhaps the thing that made me feel the best I have felt in a whole long time. I feel like I really gave that lovely lady something to do at festivals while the rest of her family is tossing.
For the most part, I think the workshop went well, but I probably should have planned better, because I found myself repeating things.
Unfortunately, I got involved in a 7 person passing pattern, and missed some of Gregs workshop, but I made up for it during the rest of the time I spent bugging him to teach me new stuff.
I have more to say about the show, but I'm tired, so I'll post about it later.
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