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 Re: New ball
Author: Klas 
Date:   04-06-02 23:04

Almost correct.

It's true that increasing the diameter of a sphere will make much more difference in volume (and size), e.g. if you double the diameter the volume will be much more than double (times 8 I think).

The halv inch rule is however not correct.

The volume for a sphere is:
V = 4/3 * pi * r^3

So the volumen for a 3 inch acrylic is:
4/3 * pi * 1.5^3 = 14.14 cubic inch (231.67 cm^3)

And for a 4 incher:
4/3 * pi * 2^3 = 33.51 cubic inch (549.14 cm^3)

So it should be a bit more than double the weight.

My 4 incher weights more than 3 times, almost 4 times, more than my 3 incher.

I've seen Kae's glass balls and this thing looks very different, it refracts the light much more like acrylic, and it's very perfect and homogenic, just like acrylic.

It feels a bit different, cooler, but I didn't feel this until after I started to suspect that it wasn't acrylic, so it may be a fabrication by my mind.

I'd be happy for someone to check my math. I'd probably be happier knowing that it is acrylic since that's a material I know, and wouldn't be afraid to break. I would also know that other people works with the same weight and that it is possible.

But no matter what it is, I'll use the ball, if it breaks, to bad, i bought it for cjing and it's not of much more use in my bookshelf than in two halfs on the floor.

And as for the extra weight, that's a challenge, it may not be a subsitute for a 4" arylic, but it's something really cool and different. Will have to build some strength first though, since I find it difficult to hold it in the cradle.

The only thing i really tried with it so far (still sick and don't have any good place to play) is isolations, and that's really easy. I've also tried to balance it on different places on my arm and that works great. The outer elbow hold is very solid with so much weight. I'll try to avoid the outer elbow fly away though, since a bad catch could result in broken bones.

I think that enough of me going on about my big and shiny ball, next please.

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