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 outside arm stalls..
Author: seb 
Date:   03-27-02 08:05

greetings all..
i was wondering if some kind individuals could share their tips on learing outside elbow stalls..
from seb
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 Re: outside arm stalls..
Author: Shifty 
Date:   03-27-02 08:06

join the chatroom..

Why, yes, these are balls in my pocket. And I'm also happy to see you.
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 Re: outside arm stalls..
Author: ICU812 
Date:   03-27-02 12:35

Some of us don't have time to join the chatroom. I'd like to second Seb's motion for some useful information.


"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."
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 Re: outside arm stalls..
Author: Klas 
Date:   03-27-02 12:51

We went through this a couple of months ago, so it should be possible to find in the archives.

Anyway, the most important thing is to get a solid balance on stall point. Place the ball and walk around with, do stuff eat the sandwich (for extra points, do it with the same arm that holds the ball)

After that it's I think mostly a matter of trying to roll the ball from cradle to elbow, holding the forarm in front of you, perpendicular to the body. It's still not easy since the arm is kind bumpy and the ball easily goes the wrong way.

Personally I recommend learning the outer elbow flyaway before learning the roll.

And while we're at it I'll throw in a nice cj-toss combo.

Juggle a 3b cascade, throw one ball so that you can catch it in a outer elbow hold, hold on to the other two balls with the hands.

Make chest roll from elbow to elbow and toss the ball back into the cascade.

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 Outside Arm Rolls
Author: Rich Shumaker 
Date:   03-28-02 19:09

I am just learning them now, so I should probably be the last person to give you pointers. But here goes.

I agree with Klas first off. You need to find the place where the ball will stop unless you don't want it to stop at all.(Which is a different trick) Next practice all the things Klas said. Walk, talk, eat, spin balls in the opposite hand while balancing the ball. Just learn to keep it there. Then start throwing it to your resting point. Again this is what Klas said.

So why Rich did you post if you are going to repeat what Klas has already said?

2 reasons.
The first is to add this. I practice popping the ball(another way to say throwing) from my cradle to my outside arm hold and back. Also I practice points in between. This helps to learn how the ball will roll. Where it will hit along the way.

The second reason is to say that I don't have a good spot to hold a ball on the outside. I had to use the way outside hold that everyone has. To find that way outside spot hold your right arm level with the ground. Now spin your wrist Counter clockwise till it hurts. Look at your elbow there is a big spot to put the ball. Be careful it is close to the funny bone.

So the reason I am posting is to say try popping the ball. And to say finding the spot is half the battle.

I have looked for an outside elbow spot for years. Because of my muscle development, or lack of it, I don't have an easy spot to use. Hopefully you do. But as you CJ more, muscles change and develop, so make sure to practice these beginning steps in a few months and even year later. It will never hurt you unless you hit your funny bone. Then it is funny, right?

Also last but not least. This is a juggling trick I learned. When doing 3 ball juggling and you think it is hard. Try 5 then 3 seems easy. So in Contact Juggling try a shoulder hold. Then a throw to the shoulder. Then the elbow hold won't seem so impossible. Or try to throw a marble to your stall point. Then a 2.5 or 3 or even a 4" ball seems easy.


What ever happen to the information from the old forum?
Could we start to take repeating Threads and put them in the essay section so that people could be redirected there?

I know in about 3 days I will see a post just like this.
Hey I just started.
Where do I get balls?
What kind should I use?
How much do they cost?
How long does it take to learn?
If I get good will Michael Moschen sign my TShirt?
When I am on a 10 foot ladder balancing a ball on my head and doing a two ball full body roll chase and I get an itch what do I do?
Okay so the last question wouldn't be as common but I think you guys know what I am saying.
I know from Shifty's reply that he knows what I am saying.

And this is just a wacky crazy Rich idea. But why don't we compile all the most common questions into a page for beginners?

Now everyone get back to work.
I am on break.

Rich Shumaker
The Other Contact Juggler
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 Re: Outside Arm Rolls
Author: Klas 
Date:   04-03-02 13:23

Yeah, that's a very good idea

But the faq would need some updates, anyone up for it?

I also think that Shifty's(?) suggestion about a beginners page with a very visible link on the first page is good.

A page that direct people to the faq, explains how to use the site and such. The link could be huge for non logged in users and smaller once you've registered and logged in.

Of course I should sit down and write it instead of talking about it. :)

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 Re: outside arm stalls..
Author: JK_the_CJer 
Date:   04-05-02 01:08

My advice to keep the elbow-bend as loose as possible(dont flex the muscle). Practice alot. I have these down so well that I can hold them much longer than inside elbow holds.

-the one-and-only JK_the_CJer
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 Re: outside arm stalls..
Author: Aaron A. Gitzen 
Date:   04-05-02 16:47

I'm not real good with these but Daniel Kerr helped me at the convention a little.

He suggested that I try to drop my shoulder, on the side where I was trying to stall the ball, almost down to the level of my elbow. Imagine someone physically pushing downward on the top of your shoulder and try to flatten your upper arm as much as possible. So basically your shoulder, your upper arm, the elbow and the forearm are all in one line parallel with the ground.

"I'm not afraid of dying, I just dont' want to be there when it happens."
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 Re: outside arm stalls..
Author: Aaron A. Gitzen 
Date:   04-05-02 16:52

Oh I almost forgot. Point your fingers towards the ground.

"I'm not afraid of dying, I just dont' want to be there when it happens."
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