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 Re: Belt Pouch
Author: Ferret 
Date:   04-03-02 15:08

The belt pouches that I use do not hold 7, they hold a max of three, each pouch.

Remember I use three inch acrylics, only

Two of the ones I use are the ones I made, one holds 3 the other one holds 1.

Due to time constraints I don't make them myself any more. I buy them from VIP Leather.

AJ makes them in the same pattern that I do.
That is his business and he gets some pretty nifty designs and patterns, that he stamps onto the face of the pouches, as well as some cool latching mechanisms.

He makes them large enough to hold 4 2.75's
The last pouch I carry is one of AJ's

If I work a faire that AJ works as well, he will call them Ferret Pouches as a selling line to the potential customers.

I carry three pouches on my hips carrying a total of 7, three inch spheres, (that's where you got the 7 from) and as I said after working an 8 hour day at a renn faire the sorest part of my body is my hips. Not my arms, shoulders or legs. Seven spheres each weighing 9.5 ozs. start to get uncomfortable after a while just from the weight dragging on my belt.

VIP doesn't have a web site that I know of yet. AJ is a bit old fashioned, but here is his e-mail

AJ and all of his stock will be at CJC2002

Hope this helps

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