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 Introducing Myself
Author: Sky 
Date:   04-02-02 20:30

I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Leighanna, but I'll be going by Sky. Shyft is my boyfriend and he introduced me to contact juggling. I've seen it before at The Renassiance Festivals, but never thought of trying it myself. Anyway, If all goes well I'll meet many of you at the CJC.

'Sky's the limit'

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Author: Ferret 
Date:   04-03-02 01:27

Well since no one else is covering this base I guess I will.

Hello Sky, welcome to, and the community. We look forward to your continued advancement in the art form and hope that you will post on your progress often.
Steven seems like a pretty nice guy, and to have a significant other who is also into the same art is a plus.
I'm still trying to get Stef to practice more often, but she finally nailed a four ball stack the other day using 2.5's. Think she got about 5 full rotations, before it collapsed on her
I was so proud.

Having Ardell as a teacher is a definite plus as well.

Good luck, and if you have any questions feel free to ask away.
If I don't get to it someone will.

You can give any weasel a ball........but The Ferret will bring it to life.

Keep 'em Roll'in
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 Re: Welcome
Author: David Kaplan 
Date:   04-03-02 02:33

I am a man of few words- Howdy.
-David Kaplan
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 Re: Welcome
Author: mdamelio 
Date:   04-03-02 04:29

Ferret I'm a bit confused, so is ardell teaching steph or is he teaching shyft or is shyft ardell. I'm completely confused, where does ardell factor into this whole thing. Just outta curiosity. :-)

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 Re: Introducing Myself
Author: Shifty 
Date:   04-03-02 04:57

You know me, I'm the one givin ya lessons..

See ya around, Glad to have ya.

The real Shifty

Why, yes, these are balls in my pocket. And I'm also happy to see you.
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 Re: Welcome
Author: Ferret 
Date:   04-03-02 05:50

Sky is Shyft's girlfriend.

Shyft's name is Steven

Shyft is getting lessons from Ardell who also lives near-by.

I can only assume that he will help Sky as well.

Stef is my girlfriend

She gets lessons from The Ferret

so ends another episode of
"As The Sphere Turns"

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 Re: Welcome
Author: Shyft 
Date:   04-03-02 06:23

As the sphere turns? rotfl.

-"The things most people call impossible is just stuff they haven't seen yet."

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