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 Tell Us About Yourself
Author: remy 
Date:   04-02-02 00:48

hey everybody--
I was just about to write a nice little post responding to ferret's CJC 2002 update, and talking about workshops. However,I soon realized two things: 1) why should anyone trust me with an hour of their precious CJC time? Most of you have no clue about my Juggling Experience, etc....; and 2)I (and I'm sure I'm not alone here) would really like to know something more about all of the Contact Jugglers out there before I make any definite plans as to what I'd like to teach. Hell, I'd really just like to know more about all the other CJers out there, period.
Hence this forum topic: Tell us all about yourself. One Ball body rolls? Multi-ball fan? Acryllics? Stage balls? silicon? how long? where? Teach any workshops? Festival experience? and so on...Hopefully, it will keep running and running with info about everybody out there, and eventually become a useful tool for the community, helping people with everyday questions like "I wonder who might be able to tell me about the martian CJC 2056?" or "does anybody else out there love spinning fifteen very small acryllics with their toes?" (god, I hope not).
so here goes. I'll even start the posts myself. What an Ego Boost!
Please post about yourself. I have a feeling that I'm not the only one to have more than a vague curiosity as to what everybody else around here does...
thanks and happy posting
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 Re: Tell Us About Yourself
Author: remy 
Date:   04-02-02 01:07

Hello, my name is remy, and I'm an alcoholic.

just kidding.

I'm primarily a contact juggler, although I am also a fire dancer and toss juggler. I have been toss juggling off and on for the past 14 years (since age 7), poi spinning for the past 11, fire dancing for the past year, and contact juggling for a bit over 2 years. I learned in portland, OR, at Reed College, although I left portland for hawaii in december 2001. (but only till may 2002!) Word of warning--there are no contact jugglers in hawaii.
balls? I like 4" stage balls (babache [squishy, tackier stage ball]? usually. Sometimes Dube [smooth, hard, slick ball], though.) If you ever see a girl with a barbie-doll pink ball or two, that's me. I can almost guarantee it.
I do more one-ball work than multi-ball. I like body rolling particularly, am interested in the possibilities of passing between two or more people, and have recently become interested in gettting the ball to go places besides the upper torso. (You can probably tell that I used to be a dancer. Leg rolls? back rolls? SIDE of the body rolls? Weird.)
Work? I busk semi-regularly at portland's saturday market, and have also busked in venice beach, california. I worked on the Part 1 video. I have taught workshops (usually with greg maldonado) at the Portland Juggling festival (I'm a portland juggler) for the past two years, as well as other festivals, and have attended many west coast juggling festivals during the same time frame.
Wow. writing that was difficult. anybody else care to give it a shot?
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 Re: Tell Us About Yourself
Author: ICU812 
Date:   04-02-02 01:33

Name: Jacques

Location: Maryland near DC

Profession: Financial Executive

Education: Recent graduate of the U. of MD...GO TERPS!!!

Started CJ'ing...: in December of this year

Balls of choice: 4" acrylic, 3" acrylic for body rolling, pool balls for palmspinning (the effect of the ball spinning really fast on top is neattoooh), 2.75" silicone for other stuff, and 4" stage ball for head stalls (for now)

Other skillz: proficient with devil sticks, some toss juggling, and I make a mean terriyaki chicken.

Current Projects: learning isolations, chestrolls, and forehead stalls...taking the Series 6 later this month.

Other hobbies: 3D modeling, sketching, dancing, eating, drinking (heavily), racing (autocrossing), and seeing what makes people tick.

Ever taught anyone to CJ?: I'm working on teaching myself for now.



p.s. I just got "Contact Juggling Part I", very useful stuff, a bunch of the things I was doing were all wrong, looking forward to the next one.

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."
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 Good Thread but I am an egomaniac sometimes
Author: Rich Shumaker 
Date:   04-02-02 02:16

Hi my name is Rich Shumaker and I am a Contact Juggler.

Hi Rich.
Remy this place is like a support network but we have a different addiction.

Non CJ stuff first.
I do some devil stick, balls(flash 5, woohoo), clubs(some club swinging), worked with boxes for a while, little bounce juggling, have thrown knives, breathed fire, slept in a tent.

CJ stuff
My Background
I am old by CJ standards. Learned in 1987 from James Ernest. I consider myself the oldest Contact Juggling novice out there. I am still learning a good arm roll.
A saying that I find to be very true is "The student becomes the master, and then the master becomes the student." Over time I have learned that I still need to learn. When I stop learning I will die. I have stagnated in the past when I stop trying to learn new things and just perfect the tricks I know. Stagnation Sucks so try to always be learning.
Also never let anyone tell you not to Contact Juggle or that you are stealing a trick. All of juggling and learning itself starts with imitation. My recomendation is that when you can do the tricks you see, create some new ones for other people too see.
Tricks I like
I like to ball spin. Some day I hope to do a (2)4 ball stack pyramid curl.
I like to ball roll. I am working on my 1 ball work with point to point stuff. I have done 2 ball rolling for quite some time. I would love to someday do a 3 ball rolling routine with no throws, except maybe a reverse waterfall.
I experiment a lot. Knuckle rolling, Flip Flops, walking variations, props. My CJ experimentation started after I learned but was rekindled at CJC2001 and has been going strong ever since.
CJ related Hobby
I am working on a ball collection.
I have close to 50 different balls.
We had a ball discussion before and right now I think Greg Irwin and Ian have me beat but I am coming in a strong third. I have a whole theory about CJing and balls that I will write up.
I am currently working on CJ DVD with the help of people from and around the world.

CJ achievments
Name credit in CJ by James Ernest
Started but is better
Helped Ferret at CJC2001. Had the brilliant idea to have a competition at CJC2001. Then found out that brilliance and stupidity are very close together.
2 ball rolling pass. Working on several variations on my standard method
2 ball upside down spin. 2.5" ball consistently. 2.75" occasionally. Working on 2 ball passing upside down.
Vertical palm spinning
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 Re: Good Thread but I am an egomaniac sometimes
Author: Brad 
Date:   04-02-02 06:20

before I start, this got me our profiles, how about being able to Put in some comments such as those we are seeing here? I think it'd be cool to look up someone's profile and read as much as they're willing to tell. Anyway...

Brad Utterstrom
Portland, OR
been CJing since mid january

I don't have any other juggling related hobbies really, though someday I'm sure I'll learn more.

I prefer 1 ball work, and in comparison to 1-ball I've barely touched multi-ball work or palmspinning. My favorite moves seem to be isolations, though I'm not sure why. I tend to take isolations, and make slight variations. For instance lately I've been doing the "Greg's Grip" move, but rather than isolating the ball I let the ball rise with each 'grip'. I've been working a lot on armrolls lately, but still have a long way to go.

Man, I just realized I could go on and on. I could write several pages about my personal experience with CJ, and yet I'm really still a beginner. I'll quit there for now.
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 Quick Profile
Author: Ryan (Mellors) 
Date:   04-02-02 06:46

Name: Ryan Mellors.
Middle Name : Harold
Secret Shame : See above.

I've been contact juggling for just under 2 years. Learned from Greg and Remy in Portland. Hi Remy!!

I have been a juggler with the Uvic juggling club for about three years. My interests are european or "new" 3 ball juggling, cigar boxes and contact.

I have a history of physical/clown theater, recently in the Vancouver Fringe Festival's Grimm. I'm finishing my major in English and Minor in Film Studies here in Victoria this year, and then I intend to pursue performance art (hopefully) at the National School of Circus Arts in Montreal (home of Cirque de Soliel, not that I'm a huge fan, but they have a good program)

Sounds too much like a resume. :(
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 Re: Quick Profile
Author: Shyft 
Date:   04-02-02 08:08

Name: Steven Rizea
Location: Gainesville Fl, UF

CJ: I started CJing after seeing Ferret's performance at the local Renaissance Festival (I think I've mentioned that at least a dozen times by now) and bought me a pair of 3 inchers. I then proceeded to convince a good portion of my friends that I was determined to kill them (or at least break all their dishes) as I practiced my butterfly. I've just recently managed to get it consistent under the tutelage of Ardell Moree.
I'm mostly into one-ball stuff and butterfly variations atm, with a healthy amout of palmspinning to boot. I've experimented with golf balls, metal spheres, baseballs and marble spheres, but thus far acrylics are my favorite by far.

Non CJ: I got into Devil Sticks a while ago (again, at a Ren Fest), but never managed to get a handle on the single control stick tricks and only play once a week or so now. I game (RPGs anyway) whenever I can, and do a good bit of moutain biking to satisfy my ardrenaline needs until I scrape enough money for my next roller coaster fix ;).

I'm extremely interested in meeting other CJers, and am looking forward to CJC 2002. Both my girlfriend and I plan to be there.

Sorry people, I guess more than Ferret's CJing rubbed off on me ;).

-"The things most people call impossible is just stuff they haven't seen yet"

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 Re: Quick Profile
Author: Shyft 
Date:   04-02-02 08:11

wow....that wasn't 1/4 as long as I thought it was. Guess it turns out Ferret isn't contagious after all.

-"The things most people call impossible is just stuff they haven't seen yet"

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 Re: Quick Profile
Author: michael glenn 
Date:   04-02-02 10:45

Hi Everbody it's DR. Nick!!!

Okay not really, it's just me, Michael and I wrote a whole history essay a little while ago. But I too like a quickie!

I've been playing since 1991

Favorite Sphere is a 4" acrylic. for 1 and 2 & 3 ball, 4 on occasion when I feel like a good arm ache the next day.
Palm spinning I use 3" for up to 7 above that I use 2.5" acrylics.

Favorite uses: bizarre holds, ( a 12 sphere spiral staircase is one of my favorites), passing with 2 or more players, using a sphere and firestaff simultaniously and using 1 sphere to dance with.

I work at festivals, fairs, art events, malls and casino's and for whomever I can. I also love to teach and learn from other players.

Other toys: toss juggling, staff and poi, club swinging, bungee balls, fire, fire and more fire. Like to combind toys like club swinging and poi swinging.

Also Remy, I've been working on legs and back rolls for a few years and I'm just having success with them. Full body rolls are possible just really hard!

Thanks for the quickie, I'm now going to shower.


balls of lightning rolled along...
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 Re: Quick Profile
Author: Aaron A. Gitzen 
Date:   04-02-02 17:12

Well as far as CJ is concerned I have been doing it for over 3 years.

I started on my own with the Ernest book. My real impetus to learn came from hanging out with other toss jugglers. A couple of years ago I went down to a popular spot on the beach in Chicago and met some jugglers who, as it turned out, were heads and shoulders above me in ability. Most if not all of them could do five balls, and some of them were pretty proficient with seven. We used to get quite a crowd and some of us were street performers as well. Anyway I already knew a lot of the basic three and four ball work but these guys were fantastic, years ahead of me. I started to look for other things that I could do that would set me appart from these peformers and that was when I really begain pursuing contact juggling.

The Ernest book covers palm spinning as well but for some reason I was never as interested in it as body rolling. That changed after the contact juggling convention however, after I competed against Shifty and some other really good palm spinners. I realized from watching people at the convention that contact juggling was really progressing, way past the Ernest book and if I was going to keep up I should probably do a little palm spinning too. So today I do both, although I still concentrate primarily on body rolling.

As to what level I am at? Not sure how to answer that. I have improved a lot in the last year, my progress is primarily due to the convention. Probably the best thing to do would be to tell you what I am working on right now and that will give you some idea of what I am capable of. I'm practicing and occasionally succeeding with a temple to temple head roll. I can consistently catch the ball on my forehead. I am also experimenting with combining body rolling and ball spinning tricks, simmilar to the escape moves that Kae recently posted. I am best with one ball but getting better with palmspinning every day. I have also been experimenting with multiple ball body rolling, ie: two ball chest rolls. The trick seems possible albiet difficult to control.

As to my performing experience, well...I opened for a punk band once. No kidding.

"I'm not afraid of dying, I just dont' want to be there when it happens."
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 Re: Tell Us About Yourself
Author: Daniel Kerr 
Date:   04-02-02 20:21

Hello Comrades,

I've been contact juggling for nearly two years now. I started off doing both palm-spinning and body-rolling but then ditched the palm-spinning. I don't like sitting down and it makes my back all hunched up!

I learned at the Glasgow juggling club from my friend Sandy and about six months later Andy Wilson turned up. He could only just manage a 3 ball cascade but as soon as he saw me CJing he asked me to teach him. Since then he's improved at a tremendous rate and now he's started to teach me moves. He does a lot of finger exercises and combines them with one-ball isolations for a weird effect. I'm still working on it but it's not easy. Overall though my main interest is really big, visual body moves with a 4" acrylic. I've been working on a pirouette (turning into the ball full circle so it rolls across the back of my shoulders) since CJC 2001, I can do it now and then but it's far from consistent.

I'm also really interested in one-ball passing. I can't wait to learn more about that at CJC 2002.

Other than CJing I like numbers juggling with balls, unicycling and three club tricks. I also want to learn some mime (moonwalking and body-popping) and combine it in a CJ routine.

So far I've done about five or six paid gigs and I loved all but one of them. I have a jester costume and I like it but I want to make a new one suited better for CJing. I want to do a lot more performing when I finish my degree. I'm more interested in street performance than paid gigs, even though it's not as lucrative.

As for my life outside juggling, I'm from the north of England, I'm a History student at Glasgow Uni (currently on an exchange in Florida) and I'm interested in contemporary world politics.

When I finish my degree I want to travel, busk, meet other buskers and write a book about it.

Oh and one more thing. Me and Andy have become so obsessed with CJing and so inspired by Ferret's efforts in Florida that we have decided to host a european CJC sometime in July 2003. All we know now is that it will be somewhere in the West of Scotland (hopefully Loch Lomond), there will be a lot more details posted here in the summer.

Okay, I think that should do now,


Daniel Kerr
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 Re: Tell Us About Yourself
Author: Sky 
Date:   04-02-02 20:38

I just posted a message introducing myself, but I'd be glad to share a little about myself. My name is Leighanna, and I'm currently residing in Boca Raton Florida. I'll be moving up to Gainesville in August to attend college at the University of Florida. I started contact juggling about a month ago. I don't even have my own balls yet, but Shyft doesn't mind if I use his... I think I'm going to like it here.. See you at CJC!

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 Re: Tell Us About Yourself
Author: thegoldenchicken 
Date:   04-02-02 23:12

Hi, I'm Joe, A.K.A. Theonlygoldenchicken

I am apparantly the onlycontactjuggler in Northeast Pennsylvania. Rich and all the others live in southern PA. Eveyrone else is approx. 100 miles or so away from me.

My CJ Story:

I first heard of CJ'ing through an article in Smithsonian magazine about Michael Moschen. In that article, it described "crystal ball mainpulation", and went into a nice description of the butterfly (which pales in comparison to Remy's very well written one) (-; So I learned to do the butterfly with a tennis ball. That was in late 1999.
So I continued doing the butterfly and eventually worked my way up to armrolls with a tennis ball before someone told me that what I was doing looked a bit like what David Bowie was doin in The Labryinth. At around this time, I also joined the Yahoo CJ club, and rented that movie. I was amazed -- transfers! Who knew?? So I learned that, and for my 17th birthday, I got my first 2.75 acrylic from Dube, and have been working on one ball rolling since then.

In the 2 years and amonth or so since I got my first acrlyic, I have performed numerous times, either on the street or in front of a crowd. I have many of my escapades in juggling typed up somewhere, and will put them on my website for easy viewing in the future, if anyone so cares.
In Dec. '01, I bought Eight 3" acrylics from Engineering Labs, on a grant I got from the NEIU and the Council on the Arts, and since then have practiced palmspinning on and off.

I lean towards 1b rolling, but am a fairly decent palmspinner, and I am really into the toss/contact integration. Right now, I'm working on a contact juggling notation system (CJN), which I should unveil sometime this month.

Other than CJ'ing, I am an avid toss juggler of almost 7 years, working on 5b and 7b toss. Also, I like mad wicked-ey wack 3b tricks.

Hmm, outside of Juggling in general, it's hard to say what else there is to me... (-; I'm 19, currently attending PSU I enjoy Math to the point of actually majoring in it (or physics, still haven't decided...). Also like to write.

That's just about it for now.

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 Re: Tell Us About Yourself
Author: NytSong 
Date:   04-08-02 09:25

Hi all! My name's Teri and I've been doing this for <drum roll> two weeks! But, it's been a fun two weeks.

Boring stuff - I live and work in Carson City, NV convinving people it is a *good* idea to lose money in casinos. The rest of the time I hang out online, or ride around on my Kawasaki Ninja.

Not so Boring Stuff - Saw a storeclerk doing a couple butterflies with transfers one day and thought, "Hey, that's what they did in Labyrinth!" So, bought me an acrylic and proceeded to learn the Flight Trajectory of an Airborne Sphere. Then stumbled across the actual name of this art from a friend who loves this but hasn't dared to try it. Got my Butterfly under control before finally getting the CJ Vol 1. video. Watch out world, here I come!!

Only trying 1 ball tricks at the moment, my hands aren't limber enough yet for multiball stuff, though palmspinning the Chinese balls came naturally. My father decided he liked the video and went out, buying four rubber kiddie balls.

Hope to get to know all of you better, and hope that more Nevadans will come out of the woodwork so I can get to meet others.

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 Re: Tell Us About Yourself
Author: Shaun 
Date:   04-09-02 01:11

They call me...Shaun

I only started CJ'ing, like, a couple weeks ago and am such a freaking newbie. I haven't been able to pick up a lacrosse ball or an acrylic yet, I've been using billiards. I was hoping to find some people near St. Louie to study with, but have only found one person so far.

I'm 21 and have my freshman year of college out of the way. I haven't ventured back to school yet. I am an avid Tolkein freak, and just got done giving a couple of my friends some elven names using the Feanorian script from the Lord of the Rings (and, yes, I can write them out as well). My login name is actually a shorter version of the name I gave myself: Erdinfuin (pronounced, as if you want to know, erdeenfooeen).

I found out about CJing by accident, kinda. I have always loved Labrynth and was amazed at what I thought was nothing more than a camera trick (yes, I actually thought it was fake.) But lo and behold, the sun came up and a bright light shined and...oh wait, that didn't happen...naw, I was at a buddy's b-day party and I saw a kid with a lacrosse ball doing the "David Bowie thing" (as I formerly referred to CJing as). He told me about this site, and voila, another convert.

I am a student of Shen Lung Hsing I Chuan Chinese Kung Fu, and have started to study Ting family Tai Chi, which is a mix of Tai Chi and Wing Chun. I have found that CJing is very meditative and relaxing (that is until my newbie actions send the billiard ball across my room, into my mirror on my dresser, off of my dresser onto my foot, and after it hits my foot, finally bounces off my cat and stops-just kidding about the cat part)

Looking forward to getting to know some people here, and just out of curiosity, anyone use billards at all for CJing???

A Dieu
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 who's silver?
Author: silver 
Date:   04-09-02 02:08

Damn good question!

Stats: 31yesterday(happy birthday to me)
Skinny Bloke with dark hair
Likes 4" acrylic for 1 ball work, 3" for multiball work
Dislikes: almost everything else

A professional CJer...

Yep I earn my daily bread from one ball, mainly on the street but have done many gigs for all sorts of occasions.

A Juggler....

CJ is just one fragment of the whole juggling art form, if its a manipulation I've probably tried it, hats, yo-yo's, swinging(clubs, staff and poi), diabolos, unicycles, stilts, balances, tight-wire......
...and yes, I throw and bounce as well.

A Performer....

Have been a UV pupetteer, a mime artist,Theatre d'elle Arte Fool and a sheperd in our primary school nativity play(not all at the same time though...)

Other Stuff......

What other stuff, i'm a 2 dimensional figment of my imagination.

Actually I have a wife, 2 kids and a mountain bike(or 2) am into kite flying and snakeboarding and would like to have a second job as a paragliding instructor.

More Other Stuff.....

As a dedicated hedonist, I'm far to busy having fun to actually do anything about the inhumanity of humanity, but the whole situation sucks....

Oh yeah i also have my own site with some quick to load (yeehAA) animations on it. Go see at

My illuminated suit (illuminations LINK) is worth a look.
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 Re: Tell Us About Yourself
Author: Axl Rose 
Date:   04-09-02 04:17

Yeah... It's Axl, I have some sick parental units...

I am 16 and started Cjing a while ago, can't remember exactly when. I am the classic punk/rebel without a cause- I listen to heavy techno, wear a 4lb steel chain belt I got from Metzgers (really macho) a Nils Poll bowler and a leather jacket, make my own offensive buttons, and am a total egotist.
So of course I took up Cjing! I had been fooling with handballs, raquetballs, and two large steel ball-bearings for years before I saw my first Butterfly. I saw it at a convention for punks like myself and was determined to be better than him at the next convention. The time is nearing, 4 days, until our show-off and I am ready.
I love my Black Beauty acrylics from Renegade, one 2.5 and a 3 incher. But I also use two 2.5 clears and get some cool 3ball work using my Blackie in isolations while the clears do their stuff. But I also work with anything spherical- What's the point of being able to show off if you can't do it without your own props and improvise?
I don't perform in shows, although an audition is coming up, but do simple routines for anyone who asks- and a lot do because I carry my balls almost everywhere, so I can practice. My best show was with an orange, just simple B-flies and transfers because I found myself short of cash and offered to trade a show for the fruit.
If you live in Los Alamos, New Mexico PLEASE! get together with me, I need someone to learn from. Darn, wrote too much again...

"I am the Nameless One..."
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 Re: Tell Us About Yourself
Author: pirkwein 
Date:   04-09-02 20:08

Wow, just logged in and already giving personal info :)


I'm a 17 jears old belgian toss juggler (belgian means "not English" so don't mind the spelling) and would like to start CJ (my acrilyc is ordered:)). I plan to visit this forum a lot 'couse i'll need your help guys !
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 Re: Tell Us About Yourself
Author: Shifty 
Date:   04-09-02 20:57

Well then let me point you into the direction of the Essays section, I recommend Reading the newbies guide to starting contact juggling, The Butterfly revisited, and Ferrets first five steps. If what you are looking for you still cannot find on those well written instructional pieces of art. Then we will be happy to help you with whats bothering you.


Why, yes, these are balls in my pocket. And I'm also happy to see you.
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 I'll jump on too then
Author: Steve C 
Date:   04-09-02 22:55

Name: Steve Close
Age: 21
Live: Glasgow, Scotland

I started CJing about a year ago after many false starts throughout my childhood. I was facinated by Moschen in Labirynth, but could find nothing on the subject of 'crystal manipilation' anywhere! (I'm sure this was a common problem for many).

I started off on diabolo, moved to 3 ball toss, then to devil sticks and now CJ.

In the past year the only props I've used are my four 3 inch acrylics. Everthing else just gathers dust.

A recent preoccupation is pencil spinning but that's probably just an excuse to avoid writing - (I'm currently sitting my honours year in Computer Science at the Unversity of Strathclyde, Glasgow).

I am both a spinner and a roller with a slight emphasis on rolling. I'm currently working on chest rolls and manipulation involving the balance point on the back of the wrist (and would appreciate any suggestions on such manipulation). My greatest achievement to date is not killing my cat, who has recieved various nasty acrylic shaped dents in the past months.

If time permits, I hope to attend the Glasgow juggling club, frequented by Daniel Kerr (when he's home).

My other interests are.

DJing (Detriot techno and house)

Producing (I have an album of said styles, hopefully to be included on Rich's DVD if I ever get around to mailing it to him)

Films (David Lynch being my choice tipple)

Dancing (in that order)

There you go, my life in one post.

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 Re: Tell Us About Yourself
Author: Philippe The Juggler 
Date:   04-10-02 04:21

Philippe The Juggler

Originally from Belgium, I also lived in the UK for 9 years, then in Australia for the past 17 years.

I have learned to juggle at 36, and have been juggling for 19 years (which makes me 55). I have been doing stage shows for the past 13 years. I only use 3½" balls for practice and shows. I can toss juggle 5 balls for over 10 minutes, 6 balls for 90 sec and 7 balls for 15 sec (about 60 catches).

I have run the Adelaide Juggling Club for the past 16 years. Mostly toss jugglers, but many are also proficient at CJ.

I have started Contact Juggling in 1992 (single ball) and I have been doing palm rolling since 1995. I practice with up 8 acrylic (3¾") and perform with up to 6 (3½"). I recommend, from experience, to practice with larger balls than those one would use when performing. It makes performing so much easier and smoother while it keeps mishaps close to nil.

My current show is about 20 minutes long, is choreographed along various pieces of music, has a theme, and has a CJ sequence of about 8 minutes. It mixes toss juggling, CJ and mime (in the form of object manipulation).

In my regular job, I am a manager of a Wide-Area Network support team, with about 10,000 “permanent” users (as opposed to dial-up users) on the network.

Happy Juggling!

Reflection: a good idea is the worst enemy of a better idea
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 Re: Tell Us About Yourself
Author: Dan Farmer 
Date:   04-15-02 17:44

Well I suppose I'm actually dredging up a thread that hasn't been touched in about a week but I wanted to throw my little bio in while there's still a relevant topic on the first page. (I'm long winded sorry.)

Anyway, my name is Dan. I'm brand new here and having only played around with tennis ballls and the like. I'm 19 and live in Reno, NV. I am a firefighter/EMT/rescue technician although I've started working towards a degree in nursing (I love medicine). My interest in CJing came from the fact that I'm an amateur magician and I wanted to add something that wasn't a "trick" but that looked magical and I remembered contact juggling from when I used to "toss juggle." Anyway I guess that's about it until I release my autobiography ;)

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 Re: Tell Us About Yourself
Author: Kittymis 
Date:   04-16-02 19:43

Hi. Brand-spankin' new cjer wanna-be here. I got hooked on it about two weeks ago when a dance instructor from Switzerland (Johnny Lloyd) was in Chicago and pulled out his acryllics and started playing. I figured out of all of the stuff that this guy can do, cj is probably the one thing I can pick up.

Spinning comes much more naturally to me than rolling. I have some 2.5" acryllics and one 3" stage ball. I've been working primarily with the stage ball for both one ball isolations and to practice my oh so pathetic attempts at rolling. But even just my practicing was enough to get people's attention in Central Park when I was in New York last week.

In my regular life I am an actor by trade and a secretary to pay the bills. I also think that cj could be a great asset to my acting career. I'm not sure when or how, but it will come in handy one day. And when I'm not doing either of those things, I am an avid lindy hopper.

So yeah, that's me. And if any of you out there live in Chicago and want to give a cj newbie some pointers, lemme know.
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Author: Arron 
Date:   04-18-02 23:52

How's it going, yes there are cjer's in Chicago, me for one. There is also a pretty decent toss juggling community, which is probably getting cranked up right about now as the weather gets warmer. Most of my friends and I juggle down at Oak St. beach, during the Summer. Unfortunately I am not in Chicago right now, I am a paralegal and my firm is at trial, so I am currently down at the trial site in Florida. I plan on being out there again soon though.
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