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 CJC2002, Update
Author: Ferret 
Date:   04-01-02 15:15

O.K. People here is the latest lowdown on CJC2002.

This is gon'a be long, so settle in, make a sandwich, grab a drink, don't forget a 4 stack of balls.

CJC2002 will be held at "The Florida Bible Camp" this year. (It's just a name people)

Keystone was nice, but it didn't have A/C.
This was my biggest complaint from 2001. It doesn't bother me but than again I live in this environment. Many of my attendees do not, and the Florida heat can be devastating to those that live in colder climates. I warned people of this last year, but it was still horrendous to a few and there was just no way out of it for them.
So I will be moving it to a site that does have A/C, in not only the main hall, but the cabins as well.
Having this nicety is the reason for the price increase. They charge me more so I have to charge you more. Sorry about that.
I have tried my damnest to keep my prices as low as possible.
Last year it was $30.00. this year I will have to bump it up to $40.00 (per person)
This price includes entry into the Convention, access to all workshops, sleeping facilities for two nights, and everything that goes with it.

The price for Feast will remain the same $20.00 for 5 meals.
Travelers feast Friday night, Saturday breakfast, Saturday lunch, and Saturday dinner, as well as Sunday breakfast.

Last year we took a big hit financially, but under the circumstances it was sort of expected.
The 9/11 attacks weren't, but I knew for a first time convention we would not get the attendance that is usual for well established Cons.

But you have to start somewhere.
Talk on the street says that we accomplished our purpose.
We put together a convention catering to Contact Jugglers. We also put out the word to the rest of the object manipulation community, that we were doing this and we invited any and everyone to come join the fun.
And Yes, it was a lot of fun.
Look back into the archives as to what those who attended had to say.
A lot of incredible sharing of knowledge came from that con.

Ron Sherman, the lapidary wizard, who is not a juggler, said this,
"I would stand there watching one person show a group of people a certain trick and watched how each person viewing it, would add their own style to the move. It was fascinating."

Talk on the street also says that we didn't pre-advertise well enough.
We did land in Juggler's World Mag. But they too, were unable to make it during.
More importantly, at least for this year, we landed on the words and communication of jugglers, and object manipulators from around the world.
Even Mr. Garfield ripped on us during a west coast stage show, in front of a Large number of jugglers.
Damn great advertising, if you ask me.
I called him up and Thanked him. Jason's a nice guy actually, he just plays being an asshole.

Several of our friends here have said that upon mentioning the CJC at another con, many people were surprised and interested about it occurring, and wanted details as to next year.
Since CJC2001 we have made a Bunch of new friends in the community.
Greg, Owen, Eric, (and Remy as well) brought a new teaching tool, they also brought a wealth of friends as well from the west.
Michael Glenn and his crew produced another batch of inspiration, and not only broadened the horizan but widened the list of names that enjoy this site, and the art.

Brian Dub'e called me up last week and said, "there seems to be a run on contact juggling supplies, and I was curious as to why, and someone said I should call you"
Interesting…….flattering, but interesting.

Stef says we talked for an hour and a half, and rest assured he is fully aware of the Con. now.

There is also a lot of new blood in the forum, young guys mainly it seems. Ahhhh youth, would that I knew then, what I know now.

Hey look Kae, I waxed poetically.

All in all I think we're doing alright for this next one.
So let me tell you about the camp site.

The Florida Bible Camp. In High Springs

right across from O'leno State Park
FBC is 200 acres of Florida retreat.

I did my first formal walk through recently and boy let me tell ya, this place is great.
Seems they have new care takers with in the last year.
The former couple were getting up there in age and although they were very good about getting private donations for the camp they couldn't keep up with the work.
The new couple are great at building all the niceties and all that money for the camp was waiting when they took over.

12 cabins of sturdy and clean construction, holding 14 bunks each.
The Bath houses hold eight showers each, and there is two bath houses,
Both having 800 gallon tanks, so there's plenty of hot water.
Very clean facilities. I was impressed.

As I said A/C in all the cabins and the main hall, and let me tell you, that hall was almost cold to me last weekend.

Huge kitchen set up in restaurant fashion.
And a buffet style serving window. My cooks are gon'a love this.

The hall itself is 45 ft by 150 ft. Windows all around, strong florescent lighting covering all areas, and a lot of high speed fans. We had trouble keeping candles lite on the tables cause the fans were so strong. It even has a small sound system and a stone fire place.

It can seat 175.

Outside is two volleyball nets for those of you that were serious about that CJ volley ball thing.
A fire circle, for a bon fire, lots of tree cover to keep the sun off your back and still enough to make the spheres sparkle.
There is a big open air pavilion as well with lighting and power.

There is a pool but it is undergoing repair and may not be done by Sept. but I have a life guard on call, just in case.
Lots of places to pitch a tent close to the hall and showers.

All the floors are stone of some sort in the buildings and last year Keystone had some rugs tucked away that they let us use. Not sure who came up with that idea, it wasn't me, but it was a Great idea! This year I am looking into getting a big, solid piece of carpet for playing on, and shooting video of performances. I'll see if I can get a dark, rich color and maybe dye CJC into it.
I will continue to look till I get a large, black, deep pile carpet, that will be used ever after, but I will have something there regardless.
Damn good idea, whoever thought of that.

Rich will once again be bringing his videotography equipment, and I suspect Mickey will as well.
Those of you planning to attend and have digital filming equipment please get in touch with Rich at contact juggling .com to work out details. Filming in many directions at once, is a boon to learning the moves through that medium, and we would appreciate any help in this, from community members, and attendees..

We will hold work shops, (as yet to be determined,) and those wishing to do a work shop should contact me at

I am once again wishing to bring in a local troop of scouts to teach them how to toss juggle three bean bags and already have people working on making those bean bags for them to take home and continue to practice with.
Good public relations don't cha know and besides, every kid should learn to juggle.
I will require help in that area and once again please contact myself if you wish to lend a hand there.

I have a map to get to the site, and will post it up soon, I will have to draw a site map however, so bear with me on that for now.

Merchants to sell you wares.

Once again Chok the Mad Wolf will handle my merchants.
A.J. of VIP Leather will be there again selling belt pouches, or Ferret pouches as they are sometimes called.
Chok will have ball stands, he's still hanging on to some for Chico and Shifty.
As well as other knick knacks for the Cjer.
Krullen and Kitty will be running a line of CJ related jewelry for those that wear and collect.
Ron Sherman may or may not be there but there will be equipment to polish the spheres with. It seems that my Lady Stef. has taken an interest in the procedure and is training in basic lapidary polishing skills.
I know what your thinking Shifty…don't go there. ;-)

I have yet to confirm this but I fully expect that Greg from Infinite Illusions will be there selling and asking questions to the contact juggling community as to what they would like to see in the future product wise.

I have also invited Greg, Owen, Eric and Remy to come and sell their teaching video, and the same goes for Michael Glenn and his Lady as well. Hopefully we can get them to sign their respective videos during the sales. I would suggest that you both bring a small TV and VCR, and I'll see what I can do about tables for you to set up on, and power cords to run said equipment.

Special Guests

Well last year was a wash out on that one except for Rich Shumaker, the Master student, and Marco The Norseman.

Vitkor Kee seems to be booked during that weekend but that could change.
I will personally be in contact with Vitkor on this as well as Tony Duncan, Mark Nizer, anyone else I can think of.
Mr. Dick Franco would you be interested? We'd love to have you.
Hopefully I can get Ian and Lance to make an appearance as well, and I'm pretty sure Chico will be there.
Most importantly, I would dearly like, (and I suspect many would as well) to see Kae The Master of this site and the man responsible for getting all this info out to all of you. Remember if not for Kae, and Marco this would have never happened, at least not by my hand.
Rich still doesn't understand how I can keep prices so low, but I know ways, and that only works out for all of you in the end.

What do I need from all of you?
The desire to attend, and to talk your friends and fellow juggling club members, to attend.

Start designing your T-shirt logos to be voted on, as well as flyer designs.
I need to get started on those fairly soon, so I need the winner picked soon as well.
Not a big rush yet. Take your time and do it right, but get started on it soon.
Marco,..Kae…I'll need the system for submitting and voting set up as soon as possible, if you would be so kind.

Once we have a flyer, any and everyone is suddenly drafted into being a promotional assistant. Down load the flyer, make hundreds of copies and cover up all the telephone poles in your neighborhood. Pass them out at other juggling conventions. Drop off a small bundle at the magic shops and juggling supply stores in your area.

I will take care of the big advertising, but as I spoke about the term "Word on The Street"
Remember that That is the most powerful advertising you can get.

Stef is at this time taking reservations.
Send a check or money order to.

Care of
Christina Fowler
1628 NE 17th PL.
Gainesville, Florida

Prices once again are:
One day and one night….$20.00
Two days and two nights…..$40.00
Five meal Feast……..$20.00

That's all for now people,
Things are moving right along.
Make your plans, and reservations, more updates will occur, as I get them done or get told they are getting done.

Looking forward to seeing you all the second weekend of Sept. 2002

In service to the Contact Juggling Community.

Keep 'em Roll'in

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 Sweet, a CJC2002, Update
Author: Shifty 
Date:   04-01-02 23:51

Glad to hear back from you Ferret. Also good to know that everything is
still in good order for this shindig.

Ok Replying in order of your post to things that have my attention thus far..

Air conditioning will be nice. However for me the heat wasnt the real
problem, it was the bugs.. The Mosquitos the size of golf balls, and
alligators that chase after dog food....

Would you like me to bring a heavy
compliment of punks this year again? Or are we in such a location that we
probably wont need them?

60 bucks total, Damn Ferret your bustin my balls here man, but I suppose a few months is good enough to scrape some loot together.

Can We be expecting the Baron Siggy (sp) to be among the cooks??? that man
kicked ass when it came to food.

In addition to the carpet, I remember last year we had a problem with
rolling balls....Well no shit... But I vaguely recall having the idea to
purchase a length of rope to go around the carpet as a buffer or stopper to
keep the balls confined.

Also on the video front, my brother will be handling a new camera I recieved
for christmas. I don't know how well it reacts to transfering video from one
camera to another, but hey, we'll see what happens.

Workshops...hmm.. well off the top of my head a few ideas come to mind.

Ferret - a quick walk through steps 1-10. And then a Continuation of the
Next 10 steps.

Owen Edson - Preformance Art, Stage preparation, Large audience visuals

Greg Maldonato, Chico - Multi ball Work

Lord Krullen - Spitting fire and Gettin the Runs.. (ok well maybe not.. :) )

Rich Shumaker - The Transition of Master to Student, with a walkthrough of
What a Contact Juggler has at his disposal in terms of things that are round.

Lance Coombes (If attending)- A workshop in Body motion in a contact
juggling routine. What works, and how to make the ball and your body two
seperate lifeforms. (Even though they are)

Remy - The butterfly...:)

Michael Glenn (If attenting)- Side plane Contact juggling work and Hybrid CJ
with a Firestaff. (Alot of people talk about that scene)

Alrighty, I'm done for now. have fun, I'll reply more later. Great to hear from ya again,

Keep the updates coming to keep us droolin.


Why, yes, these are balls in my pocket. And I'm also happy to see you.
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 Re: Sweet, a CJC2002, Update
Author: mdamelio 
Date:   04-02-02 00:01

As far as the video is concerned, I've been considering bringing my computer. Last year Rich helped me hook myself up as far as video editing goes, so If I brought the computer we could plug, say a hard drive that rich brought into it and upload all the footage to the hardrive before we go home. That way rich will have it in raw form to take home with him, since I live about an hour from the location it won't be to big a deal to bring the puter. What do you all think, should I bother or no?

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 Re: CJC2002, Update
Author: Daniel Kerr 
Date:   04-02-02 00:45


Thanks for the post, it's looking good. One thing I think we need for this convention though is two separate practice spaces. One for palm-spinning and one for body-rolling. I know it would seem like a shame to do this but it's probably for the best safety-wise. I remember last year, a few people got scared at the prospect of 4" acrylics landing near their heads as they were sat palm-spinning.

Just a thought,

Oh and Shifty, do bring along some punks, always good for a banter.

Daniel Kerr
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 Re: CJC2002, Update
Author: thegoldenchicken 
Date:   04-02-02 19:49


Sounds awsome. I can't wait.

Here's what I can do to help out:

1.) A workshop on CJN (Contact Juggling Notation) if anyone would be interested. The past month or two I have been working on an all-out, very through CJ shorthand. It will include everything from one ball rolling to multiball work, and maybe, maybe-- (If I can figure out how) Multiball, multiperson work.
2.) Toss-contact integration. This has been a big interest of mine since I first learned to CJ. I would gladly be a part of a workshop on this. Or just teach the kids to juggle beanbags. Whatever works. (-;

Umm, that's really all I can think of now, I have to get going to class, but if I think of anything more, I'll post if when I get the time. Can't wait for September!!!

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 Can I come to this now
Author: Rich Shumaker 
Date:   04-02-02 20:34

So I don't want to wait.
Cause this sounds cool.
Very cool.

I will bring the sound system again just in case we need it.
Also I will bring watching material and a way to watch them.
Specifically I will have Labyrinth, Making of Labyrinth. Contact Juggling by David Pennington. Contact Juggling Vol. 1. I don't have Sphereplay but Shifty does and I will ask him to bring it.
Hey Shifty could you bring that tape.
So we can have CJ playing in the background for anyone that wants to see it on tape.

But I want to attend workshops and not watch video tapes. I can see video at home. But seeing real people that CJ is much more difficult.

Mickey I think a computer is a great idea as long as we can keep it safe.
Ferret I have not seen the site but I would love to set up a secure(door lock) area for videotaping CJ that people want to video. That way I could set up the lighting and a backdrop and not have to take it down. We could put the computer there. People could stop by with routines they have created to go on the web or on a video. We could also record moves people want on the web or on a video.

I also like the idea of 2 areas for safety. A 4" acrylic to the head would end the fun. I agree with Shifty about the bugs. Even though I was hot the bugs are what killed me. I would like to order a Pink haired Mohawk punk Shifty, and make sure they have at least 10 piercings.

As far as Joe's Notation System. I don't think it would make a great demo unless there was something pre written that people could have. As a note the notation system is very very cool. I love it and I can't wait for it to be posted in the essays section so others can check it out. Joe I have not gotten a chance to video anything for it for 2 reasons. first moving again. This make 4 for me Ferret how many you up to? The second is that the camera is going on tour to film for the DVD and until I get a job I can not get a cheap second camera. I will try to film at least a few things before I send it out again. Ferret it is coming to you next once I clear things up with my personal puppet show project.

Sorry to digress.
I am up for any workshop. I can do the standard JE CJ butterfly but I would rather watch someone else do a more modern version. Remy?? Shifty's recommended me for a sphere workshop. Thanks Shifty, even though my hangover killed last years workshop, did I say 'Dave's a Dick' recently.

I would love to do a workshop on fooling around. Coming up with new stuff by changing your perspective. Marco is great at changing a CJ idea and then expanding on it. I would recomend videotaping anything like this. Reality takes months after you have theorized it. Can you say 2 4 ball stack pyramid curl?

Talk to you guys later about this.

Rich Shumaker
The Other Contact Juggler
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 Re: Can I come to this now
Author: thegoldenchicken 
Date:   04-02-02 22:53

Just a quick question Rich:

As far as Joe's Notation System. I don't think it would make a great demo unless there was something pre written that people could have.

If you mean that it should be posted by the time CJC rolls around, no need to worry. It most definitly will. I will do my best to have at least the first two sections, up to and including movement between points up by the end of the month. My saying that I'd offer to do some sort of a workshop on CJN was just an idea, it doesn't have to be done. Also, I can aid in workshops in other subjects if anyone would like.

If anything, I'm a few hours closer to CJC than I was when this morning. (-;

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