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 Re: Quick Profile
Author: michael glenn 
Date:   04-02-02 10:45

Hi Everbody it's DR. Nick!!!

Okay not really, it's just me, Michael and I wrote a whole history essay a little while ago. But I too like a quickie!

I've been playing since 1991

Favorite Sphere is a 4" acrylic. for 1 and 2 & 3 ball, 4 on occasion when I feel like a good arm ache the next day.
Palm spinning I use 3" for up to 7 above that I use 2.5" acrylics.

Favorite uses: bizarre holds, ( a 12 sphere spiral staircase is one of my favorites), passing with 2 or more players, using a sphere and firestaff simultaniously and using 1 sphere to dance with.

I work at festivals, fairs, art events, malls and casino's and for whomever I can. I also love to teach and learn from other players.

Other toys: toss juggling, staff and poi, club swinging, bungee balls, fire, fire and more fire. Like to combind toys like club swinging and poi swinging.

Also Remy, I've been working on legs and back rolls for a few years and I'm just having success with them. Full body rolls are possible just really hard!

Thanks for the quickie, I'm now going to shower.


balls of lightning rolled along...
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