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 Thx for the compliment
Author: Rich Shumaker 
Date:   04-02-02 02:55

My wife tells me I am bad with compliments. So I want to thank you Jacques very much for the high praise. I have learned a lot since that video and from what people say in posts and things like that. The Ernest Teaching style is old school these days. But when I learned it, it was new.

To Ferret, thanks. Ferret this is sarcasm at it's finest. I really want to thank you for putting the MM issue in my court. By the way does Mistress Meghan come here anymore. I think she is MM and MM is not. But I digress.

Michael Moschen is an extremely talented Manipulator of objects. Contact Juggling was a term coined by James Ernest to describe a style of ball manipulation in which the ball stays in contact with your body. Hence the term Contact Juggling. Moschen almost boycotted the 1991 IJA where he was the featured artist and had been paid a fee to perform and speak. This is because the convention was having James Ernest there teaching Contact Juggling what Mr. Moschen considered "His Trick".
Moschen has taught workshops on dynamic manipulation but has been far from forthcoming about this information. He has never published any books or videos teaching any of his abilities. He can be seen in the video "Moschen in Motion" and both "Labyrinth" and the "Making of Labyrinth". The Labyrinth movie and documentary can both be found on the DVD.

From 2nd hand sources I have heard that Mr. Moschen was originally upset that he was being "Ripped Off". He also thought that people should go invent something new and not just do someone elses old tricks. Finally in recent years I have heard something I remembered hearing a decade ago which is, "Don't Use my Prop!" referring to Crystal(Acrylic) balls.
Contact Juggling is the most controversial artform to come along in Juggling in a 1000 years. If you don't believe me go to rec.juggling and read the years of debate.

As a personal note. I gave up Contact Juggling for longer then most of you reading this have been doing it. I did this because I found merit in Mr. Moschen's argument. This is a decision I truly regret. It is also the reason that I posted this post. Even though Ferret asked me too that was not my driving force. I feel that I have unfortunately had the most first hand experience with this "issue".

I am not trying to sway people either way in regards to Mr. Moschen. I am trying to give people the facts as I know them from my perspective.

To summarize I will put a piece of an email I received within the past year. I am omitting the name of the person but you will see what I am talking about with controversy and Contact Juggling. The first part is my question the second half is the reply.

>Just wanted to drop you an email and ask if you are having and Contact
>Juggling at the festival of New and Experimental Juggling?

I personally find the term "Contact Juggling" offensive, as I consider it to
refer to James Earnest's plagiarisation of M.M.'s original work. Therefore
we wouldn't have workshops in "contact juggling".
As far as ball manipulation goes, we had one of the leading experts in that
field (after M.M. of course), Remi Laroussinie (stage name Imer) from
France, as a guest on the very first festival. I hope we can feature him
soon again.

So to summarize. I have never met Mr. Moschen. I have met James Ernest and I am forever in his debt. I have taught anyone who ever wanted to learn, except a good friend and I appologized later to him. For me Contact Juggling has been awesome and I love it. If there was a law that said I couldn't do it I would be in jail.

How was that Ferret?

Rich Shumaker
The Other Contact Juggler
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