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Author: Lance Coombes 
Date:   04-02-02 02:36

That stick thing was one of my favorites too! I was talking to some friends after the show and told them that it was amazing what he had created for performing with two stupid sticks! Not that any of it was that technically difficult, but that he had thought of it at all! They disagreed and said that it WAS technically difficult. I proved them wrong by taking the most difficult trick and performing it within 5 minutes of practice with to pencils.

The tricks did not impress me. The creativity behind them impressed me. I could learn that whole routine in a month and have it down pat. But if I had never seen it and somebody gave me some sticks and said "do a routine with these", it would take me ages to come up with that stuff! Really impressive!

It gives me some insight into his feelings toward cj. However, he simply needs to know that there is a lot of creativity in cj and that we HAVE come up with new and interresting ideas that he never explored.

He gave me a lot of inspiration to look into new props and new ideas of what can be done with things that I usually take for granted.

Imagine that there is some clever signature here.
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