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 Re: Tell Us About Yourself
Author: remy 
Date:   04-02-02 01:07

Hello, my name is remy, and I'm an alcoholic.

just kidding.

I'm primarily a contact juggler, although I am also a fire dancer and toss juggler. I have been toss juggling off and on for the past 14 years (since age 7), poi spinning for the past 11, fire dancing for the past year, and contact juggling for a bit over 2 years. I learned in portland, OR, at Reed College, although I left portland for hawaii in december 2001. (but only till may 2002!) Word of warning--there are no contact jugglers in hawaii.
balls? I like 4" stage balls (babache [squishy, tackier stage ball]? usually. Sometimes Dube [smooth, hard, slick ball], though.) If you ever see a girl with a barbie-doll pink ball or two, that's me. I can almost guarantee it.
I do more one-ball work than multi-ball. I like body rolling particularly, am interested in the possibilities of passing between two or more people, and have recently become interested in gettting the ball to go places besides the upper torso. (You can probably tell that I used to be a dancer. Leg rolls? back rolls? SIDE of the body rolls? Weird.)
Work? I busk semi-regularly at portland's saturday market, and have also busked in venice beach, california. I worked on the Part 1 video. I have taught workshops (usually with greg maldonado) at the Portland Juggling festival (I'm a portland juggler) for the past two years, as well as other festivals, and have attended many west coast juggling festivals during the same time frame.
Wow. writing that was difficult. anybody else care to give it a shot?
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