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 Tell Us About Yourself
Author: remy 
Date:   04-02-02 00:48

hey everybody--
I was just about to write a nice little post responding to ferret's CJC 2002 update, and talking about workshops. However,I soon realized two things: 1) why should anyone trust me with an hour of their precious CJC time? Most of you have no clue about my Juggling Experience, etc....; and 2)I (and I'm sure I'm not alone here) would really like to know something more about all of the Contact Jugglers out there before I make any definite plans as to what I'd like to teach. Hell, I'd really just like to know more about all the other CJers out there, period.
Hence this forum topic: Tell us all about yourself. One Ball body rolls? Multi-ball fan? Acryllics? Stage balls? silicon? how long? where? Teach any workshops? Festival experience? and so on...Hopefully, it will keep running and running with info about everybody out there, and eventually become a useful tool for the community, helping people with everyday questions like "I wonder who might be able to tell me about the martian CJC 2056?" or "does anybody else out there love spinning fifteen very small acryllics with their toes?" (god, I hope not).
so here goes. I'll even start the posts myself. What an Ego Boost!
Please post about yourself. I have a feeling that I'm not the only one to have more than a vague curiosity as to what everybody else around here does...
thanks and happy posting
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