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Author: ian pugh 
Date:   03-26-02 02:12

its illegal. everywhere. unless you get a festival permit. you must apply for the permit well in advance, and have it with you when you would like to perform. the permit always arrives two weeks after the date you plan to perform on.

on the plus side, there are several places you can work safely where the cops will leave you alone unless you are obstructing traffic, making way too much noise, or they just decide they dont like you.

washington square park is the first place. lots of competition to work the fountain, but there are plenty of other places to work, i was always fond of working near the bust of garibaldi. this is the safest bet, but can be a tough crowd.

central park is a bit harder, but if you are nice and dont cause trouble (block traffic and make a lot of noise) the cops will usually turn a blind eye. i liked to work an area near the band shell, but have heard working the zoo entrance can be good, too. oh, and the entrance to the metropolitan museum of art, not many people perform there, i never tried it, but it is where michael moschen does his bit of street performing in the in motion video, i believe.

the subways are good for cold weather, the hard part is finding a spot that isnt already being used by someone. midtown areas work best as they have lots of traffic due to all the connections. great money can be made during the rush hour times in the right place.

i found with my small quiet act, i was able to work a place where no other street performers could soho. they cops always smiled at me, and watched my shows, but i know this was unusual. after i started working a particular corner on a regular basis, this violinist, who saw me there a week before, tried to claim my spot. the police threw him out, i took over and they didnt say a word (make friend with the cops if at all possible, they usually have regular beats they walk)...thing is with narrow sidewalks, blocking pedestrian traffic is a big concern, so you have to pick yer streets right if your going onto an actual street. something like west broadway that has extra wide sidewalks.

if a cop hassles you at all, agree with them completely and quickly pack up, smile, appologize, say you didnt realize. they can confiscate your materials and give you a big ticket, but i've only every seen them do that to someone being mouthy.

battery park is good, but when i lived there it was run by a bunch of thugs. they broke a guys leg i knew from washington square because he was performing in there space (dont mind that he'd been working that spot for 10 years before they arrived on the scene). the only way to make real money there is to be able to work the lines for the ferry to see the statue of liberty, and thats where the thugs work, i hear they're still working there. they have a tumbling act, so look out for them.

there are some other places that i had heard about, but i never worked them, so i dont remember them right now...

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