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 Re: springbreak shenanigans
Author: remy 
Date:   03-25-02 09:43

When it comes to people holding your props, I've found that it's really easy to just tell people that the ball will scratch if dropped, that it is irrepairable if something like that should occur, and to place yourself over a big towel or rug brought from home--when they ask to hold the ball, invite them onto your "stage"--since they are suddenly in your "stage space", they're on the spot and in the spotlight, and most likely won't try and juggle before the audience all by themselves.
And you can always throw in a little talk with your street show--you don't need to be the constant blabbermouth that your average street juggler can sometimes be, but you do neeed to pull in a crowd--try answering questions in such a way that invites more questions in order to keep the audience engaged. and if you've read ferrett's recent post you know that pointing out your hat really is very important--remember, you can't single handedly make a new kind of audience who will suddenly latch firmly on to your "new kind" of street show :)
best of luck
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