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 Re: springbreak shenanigans
Author: Daniel Kerr 
Date:   03-25-02 04:22

Dear Ian,

Thanks a bunch for the feedback. I really like your idea of having a sign with times of workshops for people to participate in. That way I could finish my routine, pass the hat, then those who are interested in learning could meet me later whereas those who would prefer to keep the contact juggling a mystery can walk away content.

I also feel similar to you about this whole holding back information issue. As a child I always used to hate the smug look on magicians faces when they told me that they couldn't possible give away their secrets. This is the secretive policy of the magic circle (to which there is no point). I understand that in the days of vaudeville, the IJA was conducted in the same manner. I'm glad that this is no longer the case, that the vast majority of jugglers will readily share their knowledge, and I hope to keep up this spirit myself.

By the way Ian, just because I thought of this idea first, by no means will I be upset if you take this idea into practice on the street (not that I would know anyway). I sincerely believe that a greater awareness of contact juggling among our audience will be beneficial. Can you imagine if instead of people passing comments like 'Awesome dude, that's like David Bowie', they said 'nice isolation man' or 'I really like the way you go from a praying butterfly straight into a chest roll'. Granted, not everyone feels like this and I know why. Contact juggling is unique and if as many people could contact juggle as can play guitar, would we still be so interested? BUT, supposing that the number of contact jugglers in the world multiplied ten times over, would this beautiful art form be taken to a level beyond our wildest imaginations?

Hey Ian, you gave reference to Central Park and Soho but you mentioned at the end that you're still in L.A. So, where are you from? I was in New York over Christmas and it would have been cool to hook up with a fellow contact juggler.

Cheers, Daniel Kerr
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