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 Re: springbreak shenanigans
Author: ICU812 
Date:   03-25-02 03:04

I wasn't saying it isn't possible. It's just that I think that you should have a clear idea of what you want to accomplish before you set out with your balls in hand (I love the puns involved with CJ'ing). If you're going to perform for money, you need to think in terms of what's gonna earn you the most of it. So you need to maximize yout number of viewers. What's more, is that I imagine that only one out of every 100 or so people that you meet will have a real interest in learning to CJ. The rest just want to know that you aren't using velcro. I guess, if you can spot that one, then go for it.

Now, if your aim is to teach then you should have a setup advertising that you will be holding a wrokshop. It's all a matter of audience I think. The people that will attend a workshop are people like us. People who either do it as a hobby, OR people who are going to be trying to make money off of it just like you. But sharing the secrets with all those people who normally wouldn't attend the workshops might actually lower the number of people that will go to see the guys you just taught to CJ. This is because the people that will be paying money to be entertained (as opposed to those entertaining) will no longer be dazzled cause they have a pretty good handle on it. So, I think to accomplish what you are trying to do, I think you should seperate the two. This way you keep your income coming in, AND you share your knowledge with all those who really want to learn (as opposed to those who are just curious).

I may wrong however, I've only done a little bit of performing on the streets before, and back then I did not let anyone touch my props. But that's cause I'm just not as nice a guy as I'd like to be. :)


"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."
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