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 A New Trick For Ya. (Ian, this one's for you)
Author: Ferret 
Date:   03-24-02 14:54

From working and talking with Ian, I have learned a great deal, Ian was one of the guys that would frequently pop into the old Yahoo club and pick our brains for things and immediately go practice them and give a rundown on what he thought.
It was tremendous feed-back.
He also knew "The Business" and I was quite pleased to pick his brain as well

If you can find the post about the chalk board with all the lines you've ever heard written on it, that one still kills me.
I hope I get to be in a situation where I can use that……..with Ian's permission of course.

Not sure I could pull it off effectively cause I'd double over laughing myself, at the end and that just losses all dignity and kills the effect. **Grin**

Besides being a meticulous individual in his CJ, (Ian breaks down moves quite efficiently,) he also knows the mechanics of the show side of things. How to actually entertain, and for those of you who know my history…than you know why I'm here.

I would say that our talks concerning colored spheres, years ago, and the fact that Ian actually experimented with dyeing several batches, weighed heavily on the drive for Greg to go ahead with production of this community's colored sphere requests.
Remember boys and girls Infinite Illusions does this because You wanted them to, and II will always have the Ferret's full support, but Ian went ahead with the experiments on his own stove because he was curious to see and learn how it could be done.
Colored spheres that add a new dimension to the art.

I know that Ian practiced his skill waiting between shows in Vegas, performing things other than CJ.
He also worked with mirrors to see what the audience sees. Stage dressing rooms always have mirrors, usually many.
I wasn't even able to look in a mirror while cjing for about 4 years. I could do it blind folded but not watch my reversed reflection. Just something weird with me.


Through it all Ian has become somewhat of a machine to me.
And when I came up with this, the first thing I said was, "(Ian would like this)" I also happened upon it while running through my show at a quick rate, just a last min. warm-up, and I happened to glance up and see the reflection of the spheres in my van window. I was doing the trick before I knew I was doing the trick, and only the mirror told me it was there.

So in honor of Ian and all he's taught me.
I'm calling this one,

The Machine


Palm spin three balls.
I have found that the trick works best clock-wise in the right hand, counter clock-wise in the left. Let's use the right for explanation purposes.
Bring your left hand (empty) up close to the spin.
As one of the three balls comes around off the heel of your palm and moves to the 'knife edge' of your hand, grab it with your free hand's finger tips, and thumb tip.

Now hold it and spin the other two balls, continuing in the same direction.

That's all just hold it there. Pull it back some if you want, away from the two in your right hand

Now move that held ball back to the right hand and place it back into the palm spin smoothly, so you are now back to spinning three.

There is two important parts to this.
Never stop the spin in your right hand during the transfers, three-to-two, or two-to-three. It must be smooth, or the trick just will not present the illusion that is to follow, and hold the "pulled" or finger tip held ball in such a way that it is still very visible to your audience, or once again, you will lose the illusion of the trick. Remember finger tips.
I use an overhand grab. Index and middle finger on top, presenting my pinky to the audience, but it can be done with a supinated position as well.(the thumb on top.)

Easy trick? Sure! But I'm just prepping you for The Machine.

(you didn't think I was only gon'a use two pages on this one did you?)

Once you have that part down, try this.

When you release the one ball into your empty hand's fingertips, instead of just doing a clock wise two ball palmspin. Isolate one of the two balls.

Got that part? Good, let's move on cause it gets better….trust me.

Now instead of pulling the one ball back away from the palmspin, just grab it as it comes off the heel and hold it tight to the two ball spin so the two balls will juussst nick the held ball as they spin.

A few more steps…….we're get'in there.

Now, do the isolation,…. holding that single ball close. So only the orbiting ball touches it as it goes around the knife edge of your right hand.

Damn, this is getting confusing to me.

You should now have two balls frozen in space. The isolated ball in the clock wise palmspin, and the one you grabbed with your left hand that you are just holding with your fingertips.
The only ball that should be moving is the orbiting ball in the spin.
Yes, before anyone corrects me, I know that the isolated ball is moving as well, but you get my meaning.

Now for the last part. The part that creates The Machine.

As soon as you grab the third ball with the fingertips of your other hand, freeze the ball right where you grabbed it.
The ball that was in front of it, (on your ring and pinky finger) immediately becomes the orbiting ball in the isolation.
The ball that was behind it becomes the isolated, or 'planet' ball. The planet ball should maintain contact with the held ball the entire time you do the isolation.

Do an isolation 2/3rds around and just as you reach the heel with the orbital ball, place the fingertip held ball on your pinky, and start it spinning. Instantly grab the one coming in from the back, off the heel to replace it. Now hold that one in exactly the same space, while the originally held ball becomes the orbital ball in the spin.
It Has to be smooth or it just doesn't work right.
Grab, isolate, dump, grab, isolate, dump, grab, isolate…etc…etc

You also have to get that fingertip held ball a little tighter to the palmspin so when the orbiting ball comes around the back and off you right hand's heel. The held ball should block your audience's view of it.

With ever single orbit, you should dump and replace the held ball.
The planet ball always stays the same, and in the same position in space.

Even looking down upon it from my own view, it reminds me of a machine, but watch your up and down movement, something your perspective does not see as easily as your viewing audience. Hence the mirror practice.

I like to do about 3-to-4 transfers of this, and than throw in a single, complete, three ball isolation, using the same 'planet' ball and than go back to the machine for a few more transfers.
Than onto something else after that.
If you try that combination, remember to grab the back ball of the two orbitals.
Let the front ball hit your pinky and ring finger and continue around. Always grab the back ball coming off the heel, or you will block the movement and destroy the effect.

If done quickly, and smoothly, it will trip your audience's brains every time.

There ya go Buddy,
Hope you don't mind me nick'in ya and naming one. All in one go.
Had a blast out your way, must do it again,
And thanks for the tour of "Sin City"


P.S. I have this moved taped on digital, but Kae or Shifty needs to e-mail Stef as to how to transfer it to a computer from her camera, cause I certainly don't know. I also showed this to Marco out at the Gulf War last week so maybe he can put it up as well, but just like the Train, I'd like to see Ian make a gif of this one, he should have it down in no time flat.

P.S.S. Shifty, remember that move I showed you at CJC. That I got off Doc. Pop?
That quick little flip over that Doc showed me at the 2001 World Yoyo Contest.
Doc was kind enough to let me share it with the community, and I don't want to have him lose credentials on it.
I can now do it with both hands simultaneously. Wonderful 'eye popper'

See if you can get a gif of it up.

Call it "Doc. Pop's Flip Flops"
It looks better done in pairs anyway

Later Ya'll
Keep 'em roll'in
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